Education with Principles of Pluralism and the Albanian Tradition of Political Thinking

By Irena Nikaj.

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The work draws attention on the treatment of educational with pluralism, evaluating it firstly as a solution to the Albanian problems, analyzing educational issue connected with pluralism, making evident the Neo-Albanian views as questions and ancient responses, as well as the state and its role on the development of pluralist institutions.
Generally defined, the term pluralism states institutional forms for political power (force) distribution. In order to analyze the mentioned phenomenon, it means to examine the power or the distributed authority in society. Very often the term pluralism is used to signify any situation where there are no political, ideological, cultural and ethnic ruling groups. We mean that a certain situation is characterized by the competition existing between elites or interested groups and the pluralist society allow this competition to be freely developed.
In the Albanian development circumstances of the 1930s, Neo-Albanians chose the pluralism of opinions, which were introduced in that time publications, especially in the “Albanian Attempt” magazine. According to Neo-Albanians, the formula needed was progress-order-law, which viewed from the Albanian circumstances, means that the progress could be supported and realized by any kind of bourgeois regime. Mostly, Neo-Albanians thought that the way to bourgeois development was the principle to the progress of the Albanian society which enhances the slowness; really it is following this way.
Based on the suggestions offered by the ways followed by the advanced developed societies we could conclude that the societies, which have a stable economic development, have developed the values and the appropriate structures connected with industrialization, such as the efficiency, rationalism, re-investments and benefit, the development of the organizations of big businesses etc; all these create the basis for the increasing rate of the integration of social groups on the basis of pluralism as a political solution.
Otherwise, the Albanian society of the 21st century has not secured yet these stable economic developments, the values and structures connected with it and also because of the fragility are the democratic system and political pluralism.

Keywords: Education, Law, Order, Pluralism, Progress, State

Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp.355-366. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.352MB).

Irena Nikaj

Associate Professor of Sociology, The Department of Social Science, The Faculty of Education, “Fan S. Noli” University, Korca, Korçë, Albania

Associate Professor, SCC at Council of Ministers, Tirana, Albania 2004. Ph.D. in Philosophy, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana, Albania, 1997. BA in Political Science, and Philosophy, School of Political Science and Law, University of Tirana, Albania, 1987. Publications: 2006 - Sociology of Education. Kotti, Korçë, Albania; 2004 - Sociology-Second Edit. Kotti, Korçë, Albania; 2002 - The social and philosophical Albanian views of the 1930- New Albanian. Kotti, Korçë, Albania; 2001 - Sociology-1st Edit. Afërdita, Tirana, Albania. Collection of Lectures: 2003 Psychology; 2003 History of Arts and Heritage; 2003 Sociology of Education; 1995 Sociology. Scientific Articles: Nikaj, Irena (1999) Neoshqiptarizma’s Conceptions about philosophical Traditions, Bulletin No.2 of University “Fan S. Noli”, Korçe, Albania; Nikaj, Irena (2002) Neoshqiptarizma’s Views about Softening of social Conflicts. Pajtimi, No.1(19), Tirana, Albania; Nikaj, Irena (2002) Albanian cultural Environment and his relations with global and European Culture. Bulletin No.4 of University “Fan S. Noli”, Korçe, Albania; Nikaj, Irena (2003) Critical Thinking in Introductory Sociology Classes. Review “Curriculum and School”, Tirana, Albania. etc.


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