Investigating the Longevity and Widespread Emotional Attachment Associated with the World’s Largest Selling Motorbike

By Amitoj Singh and Lalit Kumar Das.

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Certain products enjoy sustained emotional attachment and widespread customer loyalty. Hero Honda Splendor, the world’s largest selling motorbike, is an unique example of such a product. This motorbike brand is a rare example of longevity and product attachment among millions of two wheeler users and their families in India. The paper proposes a theoretical model for longevity and universal product attachment. According to the model for longevity and universal product attachment it is important that there is an uninterrupted congruency between the shared emotive needs of people and the shared emotive identity of the product. It is in this context that two cross cultural studies were undertaken in India to investigate the emotive needs of Splendor owners and emotive identity of Splendor. The results of the two studies establish the presence of uninterrupted congruency between the shared emotive needs of people and the shared emotive identity of the Splendor.

Keywords: Longevity, Personality, Product Attachment, Motorbike

Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp.417-426. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.852MB).

Dr. Amitoj Singh

Assistant Professor, Industrial Design Programme, IDDC, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

Amitoj Singh did his masters in Industrial design from IIT Delhi after graduating in mechanical engineering. Currently he is working as an Assistant Professor in the Industrial Design Programme at IIT Delhi. He has worked as a motorbike styling designer for Hero Honda Motors Limited for almost six years prior to joining academics.He has been instrumental in establishing an industrial design studio and leading various motorbike design projects at Hero Honda. He currently pursuing a Doctaral research in the field of Design and Emotions, from IIT Delhi. He has designed various products-service systems in the field of automobiles, play equipments and adaptive environments. He is deeply interested in emotion centered framework for product design. His projects in the field of user experience have got him acclaim from media and industry.

Dr. Lalit Kumar Das

Head, Instrument Design & Development Centre, Industrial Design Programme, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Prof. Lalit Kumar Das pioneered Industrial Design education at IIT Delhi. He has developed a programme that is an excellent blend of design sensitivities and industrial propensities. He graduated in Civil Engineering from IIT Kanpur. Thereafter he did his Masters of Technology in Design Engineering from IIT Delhi and then Master of Art in Industrial Design from the Royal College of Art, London. He has a variety of interests in design and man’s innate potential to design. He has worked with artisans and has conceptualized distant education for artisans under the banner of IGNOU. He is deeply interested in sustainable approach to design and a non parochial non partisan framework for study of design. He has many publications to his credit. He has been engaging in the development of the recently announced National Design Policy.


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