Systemic Software: An IT Network at the Service of the Environment

By Clara Ceppa.

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Current production processes do not fully exploit natural resources and discard a significant percentage. To restrain this phenomenon we need to create, in collaboration with Neosidea Group, an instrument for making the changes needed on the level of the management, organization and procurement of raw materials and energy. We can start seeing the importance of creating an IT instrument based on the concept of an open-loop system that can help companies, according to their business purpose or geographical location, to organize themselves into "ecological networks" to achieve production that moves towards zero emissions by means of sustainable management and valorization of waste: by following the first principle of Systemic Design, waste (output) of one productive system can be used as a resource (input) for another. Linked enterprises could reach a condition of reciprocal advantage by allowing the reutilization of the materials put out by their production processes; profits can be obtained from the sale of these outputs. The constant exchange of information and sharing of knowledge between the players involved allows a continuous systemic culture to spread, along with the concepts of prevention and the ongoing improvement of the environment. Essentially I’m proposing an IT network at the service of the environment, a web that speaks to the earthly roots of humanity and the deep need for a revived attention to nature and the resources it offers. The huge amount of data obtained by using Systemic Software is a precious asset and a vital platform for designer, scholars of the environment, researchers, ecologists, public agencies, local administrators and, obviously, for entrepreneurs, who will be able to work in a more sustainable way. The combination of the systemic approach and this technological support instrument improves understanding that an effective environmental protection is not in conflict with the economic growth of enterprises.

Keywords: Systemic Design, Software Design, Output-Input, Sustainable Development, New Flows of Materials/Resources

Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp.345-354. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.923MB).

Clara Ceppa

Ph.D. Research Fellow, DIPRADI - Architectural and Industrial Design Department, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy

In the last few years. Ph.D. Clara Ceppa has focused her attention on the current and increasing problem of waste, that derives from different productive processes; actually we know the typology of waste but not the intrinsic potentialities and the new fields of application. Her research has allowed the identification not only of new areas of application of output, as input for other productive processes, but also to determine with precision and localize by territory the flows of material within a complex local network in a well-defined territorial context. The research is distinguished by the realization of a software, that can process the acquired data and create new relations and connections between different productive activities to favor a sustainable development of local resources and waste. She is also researching on food-packaging and eco-friendly packaging in order to generate new productive activities and a new open production system in the packaging field.


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