A 21st-Century Revitalization of the Ancient Scientific Approach to the Design of the New Products

By Seyed Mohammad Bagher Ghazi Mir Saeid.

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In recent years, the world has witnessed the emergence of a new school of thought in industrial and product design. It is a renaissance of the 21st century through revitalization of effective approaches which the East, notably the Near and the Middle East, had been applying to design of their products between 4th and 5th centuries, B.C. E. Banking on the rich experience of their past, the new generation of industrial designers in the Middle East has created a set of useful products whose design attributes increase their utility and attract emerging markets. This paper explores the tenets of the revitalized Eastern approach and offers examples which attest to its success. A pyramid-inspired sound system which utilizes ancient Egyptian design of long lasting pyramids has been presented and its superior performance over the conventional designed sound systems is discussed.

Keywords: Revitalized an Ancient Scientific Approach, Ancient Egyptian Scientific School, Ancient Scientific and Philosophy Schools, Aesthetic Scientific Definition, Physical Definitions, Mathematical Relation, Pyramid-Inspired Sound System, Innovative Sound System, Definition of the Aesthetics Design, Magic Point, Egyptian Pyramids, Pyramid-Shaped Speaker, Resultant Force Vectors, Electromagnetic Waves, Egyptian Pyramids, Mechanical Force Vectors, Speaker Box, Rectangular Speaker Box, Magic Destructive Rays, Eastern Approach, Vision Sense, Aesthetic Process, Eyes, Neural cell Lines, Encephalon, Gradient, Vision Mechanism, High Resolution Feature, Geometrical Values, Acoustic Industry, Virtual Circle, Gas Stove Handle, Volume Control, Harmonious Dimensions, Design Gallery, Electron Exir Research Institute

Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, Volume 4, Issue 5, pp.139-154. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 3.206MB).

Seyed Mohammad Bagher Ghazi Mir Saeid

Director & Researcher, Research Department (Electronic & Industrial Design), Electron-x Research Institute (E-X) / (Electron - Exir), Tehran, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

20 years research on the scientific and philosophy schools, specially on the ancient scientific schools (Egyptian, Greek, Persian). More than 200 industrial design in freezer, refrigerator, washing machine. In home appliances, car, track, train, motor cycle, symbolic towers, air condition, industrial heating tunnel, audio professional amplifiers, professional speakers, electronic door openers with (remote control), audio & video electronic language labratory for 32 students. Writing: 4 books about revival of the ancient Persian scientific and philosophy school (history, PPSS style, PPSI, instruction system) final editing for publishing. Design a new instruction system, theories and researches (new style in teaching the electricity – scientific definition for the aesthetic and beauty by physical and mathematical parameters – new theory in the earth rotation mechanism and its electromagnetic fields – new theory about fundamental particles structure – genetic chain and sun’s electromagnetic ray for its clocking -new theory about vision mechanism, neural systems and data transferring mechanism in the neural system to brain – new theory about usage philosophy by algebra function for daily needs.


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