Investigation of the Perception of Signage in Amman, Jordan

By Essam Abu Awad, Andrée Woodcock, Kollette Super and Cherie Lebbon.

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The research outlined in this paper forms part of a doctoral study addressing the competencies of sign designers in Jordan. The paper details the starting point for this research, which was a concern over the visual pollution caused by the proliferation of commercial signage in Amman, and the need to address this through better design. The paper presents a case study of Amman, in which the role of signage in the city is discussed along with the opinions of the sign users about the effect the signs are having on the city.

Keywords: Sign Design, Graphic Design, Education, Visual Clutter, Commercial Signage

Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, Volume 4, Issue 6, pp.233-246. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 5.554MB).

Dr. Essam Abu Awad

PhD Research Student, School of Art and Design, Coventry University, Coventry, UK

Born in 1958 in Amman, Jordan, Essam is active in the academic and professional fields of design. He holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Graphic Design from the University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan, and he teaches and coordinates the Graphic Design programme at the Applied Science University (ASU). Essam regularly participates in academic conferences to discuss the issue of Graphic Design, its relation with arts and technology and the challenges of teaching Graphic Design. Essam also runs his own graphics company, MIDAS, which covers all graphic design media. His other achievements include: - Preparation of ‘An Introduction to Textile and Fashion Design Course and Textile Printing Techniques’ for Jerusalem Open University, in 1991. - Participating in graphic design conferences in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and United Kingdom. - Participating in graphic design seminars and forums held at Amman, which focus on exchanging experiences and views on different issues that concern the process and techniques that are related to graphic design. - Editing in process: An academic book, that tackle the issue of graphic design in a new way, to help the students in their undergraduate studies, teaching them how to define a problem, explore attributes of a problem and create awareness, draw their attention to different angles in order to discover new means and methods in design.

Prof. Andrée Woodcock

Chair of Educational Ergonomics and Design, School of Art and Design, Coventry University, Coventry, UK

My work is in applied ergonomics. I have led and currently work on a number of projects in areas related to the design of health care, assistive technoloy, transport, education and public spaces. I am lead of SIGs in health and well being and educational ergonomics. I also supervise 10 PhD students from all areas of art and design and am leader of the Design and Ergonomics Applied Reseacrh group

Kollette Super

Coventry University, UK

Associate Head of Department, Design & Visual Arts. School of art and Design, Coventry Univesity. Subject expertise This includes the practical and contextual applications of graphic design including typography, illustration, branding, professional practice, creative direction and photo styling.

Cherie Lebbon

Associate Senior Lecturer, Industrial Design, School of Art and Design, Coventry University, Coventry, UK

Cherie Lebbon FRSA, is a professional and experienced lecturer, researcher and designer with particular expertise in inclusive design, with a proven track record of innovative and successful project work. She worked as a team member of a large EPSRC funded research consortium on the first stage of the i~design project, resulting in an edited book, and she developed the prototype of an online research resource for inclusive design. This was taken up as a web-based learning resource on inclusive design for the Royal Society of Arts. She is an external examiner for MA In Negotiated Design Studies at Staffordshire University and has substantial connections with other UK universities both as a consultant and visiting professor. She has supervised successful PhD candidates.


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