Collaborative Process: How the Practice of Architecture and Design Consultation Must Evolve

By Kat Cheney.

Published by The Design Collection

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This paper proposes strategies for modern architectural design needs, seen through the lens of architectural daylighting design as an integrated consultant practice. Considerations of collaboration between architects, landscape architects, interior designers, mechanical engineers, lighting designers and other key consultant team members are included. Strategies explored here can be applied to other collaborative teams as part of the architectural design process.

The design of a building has always been a complex process involving many players. Traditionally the architect is both knowledgeable and deeply involved in all aspects of design. Over the past century, advances in technology, techniques and practice have given rise to specialists who have much more detailed knowledge of specific subdisciplines than the architect. With this change in skill distribution, a new model has emerged. The architect acts as the manager of a team, guiding consultants from various disciplines to complete a design vision. While this model seeks to better utilize the talent of the team, when used in conjunction with traditional collaborative strategies it often fails to meet the needs of modern projects. With conflicting project goals of high sustainability, compressed timeline, and low budget, the modern architectural project presents more of a challenge than ever before. Through analysis and general examples taken from experience as a lighting design consultant, this paper will explore the questions that must be answered before we can evolve into a truly collaborative design community.

Keywords: Architect, Lighting Design, Integrated Design Process, Design Team Collaboration, Consultants

Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp.421-436. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.205MB).

Kat Cheney

Lighting Designer, Pivotal Lighting Design, Affiliated Engineers, Inc., Seattle, WA, USA

Kat Cheney works as a lighting designer and daylighting design specialist in Seattle, WA. Her education background includes a Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University; a Master of Architecture, with emphasis in architectural lighting design, from University of Washington; and a Master of Science in Architecture, Design Computing stream, also from University of Washington. Previous experience in the design industry includes employment as an intern architect, lighting research assistant, electrical lighting designer, and daylighting design specialist. She is currently acting as a daylighting consultant on a number of architectural projects with high sustainability goals.


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