Research-Based Design: IMIAD Design Studios

By Özge Cordan.

Published by The International Journal of Design Education

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The International Masters of Interior Architectural Design (IMIAD) was developed as a European Union project under the curriculum development program, in 2005. As a “design-based” program, IMIAD’s core curriculum is centered on design studios. The program has three such studios, one for each semester. In the first semester, the main focus of the design studio is “Corporate Identity.” In the second, the topic is “Design in Cultural Contexts” and in the third, the topic is “Thesis Design Study.” These three design studios engage in “research-based design,” which integrates theory, research, and practice. Research-based design can be defined as a method focusing on research to find solutions to design related issues. In other words, this method produces designs according to information obtained through research and generates new disciplinary and experimental knowledge (i.e., different forms of knowledge). Research-based design offers a new method to professionals, educators and students in design-related fields. In the context of design education, research-based design is done in research workshops, which can be held in classrooms, studios, or on site by leading professionals and/or instructors. This article focuses on IMIAD design studios, which offer an environment that includes research, discussion, participation, and experimentation involving all contributors and examines selected studio products from author’s point of view as an educator and a chief instructor from 2008 to 2015.

Keywords: IMIAD, Research-Based Design, Studio Environment

The International Journal of Design Education, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp.15-27. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 841.644KB).

Dr. Özge Cordan

Associate Professor, Interior Architecture Department, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Özge Cordan has been teaching in the Department of Interior Architecture at Istanbul Technical University since 2007. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate programs. She has also an active research agenda as well as practicing.