Design-based Research: A Tool to Generate and Refine Instructional Design Principles for Mobile Language Learning

By Saleh Al-Shehri.

Published by The International Journal of Design Education

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Given that mobile learning does not rely on a specific learning theory, it needs a theoretically established paradigm that can be effectively employed for mobile language learning. This study used a design-based research approach to test, extend, and redefine generic mobile learning design principles for mobile language learning. Current design principles of mobile learning were conceptualized and then employed in natural contexts to test their ecological validity, and a new framework was generated for conceptualizing instructional design principles for mobile language learning. The research design utilized iterative reflections and feedback from language learners to inform two iterations of mobile language learning designs. Through- out the two iterations, students and their teacher experienced the implementation of mobile instructional design principles into their learning task, reflected on their experience of implementation, and provided feedback to make adjustments to the design principles. Both students and the teacher collaborated on the design via face-to-face in-class discussions and outside class using Facebook and mobile phones. Students’ reflections and feedback were obtained through pre-task, during-task, and post-task focus-group interviews; stimulated recall sessions; and the analysis of students’ Facebook interactions. The study illustrated the benefits of contextualizing language learning using mobile phones and Facebook. In addition, it provided a deeper understanding of mobile instructional design and evidence, feedback, and guidance for both language teachers and mobile instructional designers.

Keywords: Design-based Research, Instructional Design Principles, Mobile Language Learning

The International Journal of Design Education, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp.1-12. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.550MB).

Saleh Al-Shehri

PhD Student, School of Education, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

I worked as an English language teaching assistant for 3 years at King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia, after I obtained my bachelor degree in 2002 from the same university. I then moved to Australia in 2006 to pursue my higher education. I did my Masters at the University of Queensland in TESOL studies and computer-assisted language learning in 2008. I immediately got a scholarship to pursue my PhD at the same university. I am expected to graduate in July 2012. I am interested in instructional design, mobile learning, mobile language learning, design-based research, conncetivism, and behavior of mobile learners.