How Socio-spatial Transformations Affect the Use of Public Space: A Case Study from Greek Urban Scenery

By Evgenia Tousi.

Published by The International Journal of Design in Society

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This essay is about the study of social networks in association with geographical space, through different time periods. Socio-spatial transformations, and changes in economic and technological level have altered the spatial expression of social networks over the last decades. To analyze these issues in depth through field work, a pilot case study is used, taken from Greek urban scenery. Some important factors that contribute to the configuration of this urban physiognomy are: the destruction of Minor Asia in 1922 and the vast demographic changes related to it, the post-war urbanization, the industrialization of ‘60s, the de-industrialization of ‘70s, changes in urban planning legislation, and the inflow of economic immigrants since 1990. Moreover, the active participation of women in education and employment establishes new balances inside residential space, having an important impact on social structures and networks. All these parameters influence the interaction between private and public space, in accordance with the stereotypes that follow the way of life throughout different time periods. Moreover, changes about the notion of the symbolic aspect of domestic space affect the use of public space. This case study offers the opportunity to describe transformations of the spatial expression of social networks in an urban spatial module, which was first developed to host refugees in 1922, using a historical approach as a methodological tool.

Keywords: Public Space, Greek Urban Settlements, Urban planning, Domestic Space

The International Journal of Design in Society, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp.37-50. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.273MB).

Dr. Evgenia Tousi

PhD Candidate, School of Architectural Engineering, Field of Urban and Regional Planning, National Technical University, Athens, Greece

I have a Master’s degree in architectural engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (2007) and a Master’s degree in urban and regional planning from the National Technical University of Athens (2009). I am a PhD candidate in the School of Architecture in the field of urban and regional planning. I have worked as a freelance architect since 2007, and have teaching experience in the following BA and MA programs: Technical Educational Institution of Piraeus, School of Civil Structural Engineering, Architectural Design, School of Pedagogical and Technical Education, the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering Educators, Architectural Synthesis and Urban Planning, the School of Pedagogical and Technical Education, Department of Mechanical Engineering Educators, industrial design with the use of AutoCad, National Technical University of Athens, School of Architectural Engineering, and teaching assistant for a regional planning course. My scientific interests are associated with socio-spatial transformation procedures and living conditions in contemporary urban reality.