Visual Expression and Design Principles for Dynamic Brand Identities

By Ming Chieh Hsu.

Published by The International Journal of Visual Design

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Dynamic brand identity is using a non-static way to present identity elements. Visual symbols as business trademarks can have both visual mobility and vitality. The visual expression of traditional forms of media can no longer attract the attention of readers in this digital era. With the progress of digital media techniques, which change people's behavior in information collection and reading, corporations are encouraged to use brand identity and trademarks that are not limited to traditional graphic visual expression but aimed to promote the development of interactive performances of dynamic brand identity and trademarks. However, there have not been many in-depth research analyses aimed at the performances of dynamic brand identity and trademarks. This study will compile the applied design of network dynamic brand identities and the trademarks of corporation to, analyze the elements and forms of their design to provide the foundation for future academia research and design a reference for developing corporate dynamic brand identities and trademarks. The first level of research will use the case study method to analyze design forms and elements through the perspectives of hyper-plane, animation, and motion graphics. The second level will study the dynamic brand’s type, visual expression, and design elements via several focus groups and professional interviews. It will build a time-based dynamic brand type; propose “functionality,” “entertainment,” and “identification” as design expression; and construct the relevant design principles and concepts. The goal is to provide a basis for future research topics as well as provide a good reference point for industries to create brand identification in the digital age.

Keywords: Brand Identification, Dynamic Brand Identity, Trademark, Dynamic Logo, Motion Graphic

The International Journal of Visual Design, Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2014, pp.7-23. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: April 4, 2014 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.178MB)).

Asst. Prof. Ming Chieh Hsu

Associate Professor, Information Communication Department, Yuan Ze University, Chung Li, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Ming Chieh Hsu is a professional in graphic design, visual development, design management, multimedia integration, user center design, interface design, and interaction design. Associate Professor Hsu's recent studies focus on dynamic cooperate identity system design issues, interactive advertisements, e-magazine, and e-book issues.