The Interaction between Text and Image in Picturebooks: Analysis of Story Books Published in Spain today

By Mª Carmen Hidalgo Rodríguez.

Published by The International Journal of Visual Design

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One of the main defining characteristics of a picturebook is the relationship between text and image, the combination of which gives rise to a new meaning that is not found in isolation. This interaction is the key to the picturebook becoming a good and successful work. Having studied the main theories on the semantic relationship between word and image, we observed that these do not go into any depth concerning the wealth of possibilities offered by picturebooks. Our contribution aims to study this type of interaction in depth and to create a new classification that embraces all of the possibilities that can be found following an exploration of these types of book. To do this we will analyse a representative number of prominent picturebooks published internationally, and published in the Spanish language in recent years. The study of these semantic relationships between text and image will bring us closer to the creative language of these continually evolving publications, providing us with a means of education, both for enjoying these books and for expressing our creativity.

Keywords: Illustration, Interaction, Text

The International Journal of Visual Design, Volume 9, Issue 3, September, 2015, pp.1-14. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published Online September 15, 2015 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 697.709KB)).

Dr. Mª Carmen Hidalgo Rodríguez

Professor, Departament of Drawing, University of Granada, Granada, Spain