Visual Art and Geometric Forms: A Case Study of the Combination of Orbital and Wheelbase Motion with Chaotic Terms

By Guanze Liao.

Published by The International Journal of Visual Design

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The author has developed the geometric forms of relative motions. The study is aimed at investigating the cases of the combinations of the relative motion: orbital and wheelbase motions which were implemented by chaotic terms, developing a systematic model to control its motion parameters, analyzing how the parameters affect its process of motion, and finally discovering the geometric art forms generated by computing the parameters. Wheelbase Motion suggests that the trajectory appears in a straight and direct pattern of motion according to the structures of an objective coordinate system, moving back and forth in a two-dimensional space from the subjective to the objective coordinate system. Regarding study for the future, the author proposes a new concept by analyzing combinations of orbital and wheelbase motions based on recursive structure.

Keywords: Geometric Forms, Orbital Motion, Wheelbase, Chaotic Term, Relative Motion

The International Journal of Visual Design, Volume 10, Issue 2, June, 2016, pp.1-14. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published Online: March 31, 2016 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.454MB)).

Dr. Guanze Liao

Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of e-Learning Technology, National Hsinchu University of Education, Hsinchu, Taiwan